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If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask.


Nobody tells me anything.

Leo would've been able to do it.

The man who telephoned an hour ago was Frank.

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The water bottle is in the fridge.

Thank you for coming today.

You need to do something about the situation.

He whom the gods love dies young.

I'm not asking them.

I'm upset.

Mimouna? No, never heard of that.

Watch out for falling objects!

I feel especially good today.


What's your favorite brand of yogurt?

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I can't be distracted by this right now.

The war lasted for about two years.

You took advantage of me.

I'd sure like to help him.

I'm sorry, I was distracted.


The heart says yes but the mind says no.


The flag had holes in it from the British shells.

He wounded his wife with a knife.

I wish I could see her.

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You must wonder who I am.

I can't imagine anybody would be surprised if Kee and Wilmer got married.

There is a pile of rubble where the building used to be.


I'm not at all afraid.

We've got them.

Reflect on it a while. You'll see I'm right.


That was a stupid thing for Alexander to do.

He stared at her feet.

A dreadful accident happened on the corner.

The berries I ate gave me an upset stomach.

Jonathan can't swim at all. On the other hand, he is a good baseball player.

It's time for this to end.

Who do you think should do that?

Indra went to the gym.

She looked at me seductively.

His new car is wonderful.

Tony speaks English well.

The work should be finished.

We can't even be certain that it was Betsy we saw.

How many people do you know who can do this?

We must pay regard to other cultures like ours.

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I thought it was funny, too.

He forged the steel into a sword.

Supplies cannot keep up with the demand.

You'll regret it someday.

Kayvan lowered his sword.

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I gave Nick your address.

I'm trying to think of another plan.

I carry a bag of rice.

Every child needs someone to admire and emulate.

I thought we had three weeks to finish this job.

Are you insecure?

We really don't have time.


The older we grow, the less we dream.

She is highly talented and well educated.

You will obtain your greatest desire.

I couldn't hear her.

I go up to the rooftop when I want to see the blue sky.

I slept, and you?

We're friends now.

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He resigned from his office.

From a translation I demand that it combine fidelity with sonority, and that it incorporate the genius of the language that it is written in, and not that of the original language. A good translator, therefore, needs to be intimately acquainted with the philology of a language pair.

I didn't use to like wine, but now I like it a lot.

You're supposed to help her.

Jennifer is wearing a blue sweater today.

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To give a person one's opinion and correct his faults is an important thing. It is compassionate and comes first in matters of service. But the way of doing this is extremely difficult. To discover the good and bad points of a person is an easy thing, and to give an opinion concerning them is easy, too. For the most part, people think that they are being kind by saying the things that others find distasteful or difficult to say. But if it is not received well, they think that there is nothing more to be done. This is completely worthless. It is the same as bringing shame to a person by slandering him. It is nothing more than getting it off one's chest.


Daryl has his sweater on backwards.


The beauty of the sight is beyond description.

Sundaresan was satisfied with the result.

Archie died while in Boston.

What's the text about?

They worked to help people.


She's in love with another man.

I got there just in time.

I have only a few minutes.

He dared not to obey my order.

My feet are always cold.

Roberto went into the bank while Hillary waited patiently in the car.

Does anybody else know about this?

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I am only too glad to hear that all of them are safe and sound in the rescue boat.

Will you hold this seat for me?

Also visible during a total solar eclipse are colorful lights from the Sun's chromosphere and solar prominences shooting out through the Sun's atmosphere.


Don't ride the brake, Adrian.

Are you still seeing her?

I was not a good mother.


Without her glasses she was as good as blind.


I need to get some shuteye.

The world's aviation industry is growing increasingly worried about crashes.

Are you sure you want to live like a caveman?


Varda has more books than Bernie.

Ideally, food should be tasty, cheap, healthy, and morally inoffensive.

Not a single sentence has been translated in all the languages of the world.

Are you cops?

I contrived to leave my wallet behind.


Naren looked at the map on the table.

I only need another few hours to finish this report.

She stayed home and pretended to be sick.

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Is there any sugar in the pot?

Alcohol destroys the liver.

It is as if the whole sky were on fire.

Why are computers so intelligent? Because they listen to their motherboards.

He said that he had seen the picture before.


General prosperity and satisfaction are the best deterrents to revolution.

I want to eat either ice cream or shaved ice.

First France, then Iraq.


Tuna thinks Clyde knows.

We made a mistake.

Lois told me Hirofumi's secret.


"Maurice, your dinner's getting cold." "Just a minute. I'll be right there."


I said 'Quit it'. Can't you see Keiko hates that?

He is no saint.

What time do you watch TV?

Roland's parents died when he was thirteen.

Nathan hopes Donald won't die.

The trouble is that we are short of money.

I wish they would spell my name correctly.

Has anyone ever told you the truth?

Sanjay is quite warmhearted.


Being there I feel myself in shelter, protected by the love of all my dear ones.

What would you say to convince him to buy one?

Joe spent the night alone in the woods.

This is accurate, I think.

I tried to convince Jim.

He is eager to go to the hospital.

Paper is a Chinese invention.

I have urgent business with you.

Catherine fell asleep while reading the newspaper.


Joachim asked Hazel whether she liked the plan or not.

How can you help us?

Who's in command of this unit?

Do you think you could do it for me?

Let's get this proposal down in black and white before we submit it to the boss.

If what Piet told me is true, then we have nothing to worry about.

His work absorbed all his energies.

She gave an apple to Hugh.

You think that because many people know that language, you should learn it too?

Do you think that's what's happened to Plastic?

Raymond began to beat his son.

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This is how I got acquainted with them.

It's easy for you to talk!

The shit smells bad.

October is still three months from now.

We could not get at his meaning.

I'm still living with my parents.

He was present at the meeting.

I'm not your toy.

The German auto industry produces excellent cars.


The young man came out of the house opposite.


Can I have a moment with her?

I will make a video for you.

What happened to you two?


I know that Dave isn't hungry.

We received an immediate answer to our letter.

There is something to be said for every error; but, whatever may be said for it, the most important thing to be said about it is that it is erroneous.

If you invite him, he may come.

Suzanne, which do you prefer, girls with long hair or girls with short hair?

Clarissa opened the letter quickly.

Can I see your driver's license?

Has Louie been told about the accident?

Sandip didn't tell us that.


It's Tokyo.